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Kaštel Lukšić is one of the seven "kaštel"-s (castles) that make Kaštela, the town stretching along the coastline between Split and Trogir. On its western side Lukšić shares border with Kaštel Stari, while Kaštel Kambelovac is on the eastern side. Lukšić is right in the middle of the kaštel-s, and partly due to its central location, it's the home for two of Kaštela's institutions: for the museum and for the tourist board.

The impressive Vitturi Castle in Lukšić's centre, along with Rušinac Castle and the chapel next to it are plots where Croatia's Romeo and Juliet story took place - according to the legends.

Harbor with the Lukšić center
Harbor with the Lukšić center

Knopfová Lucie
2012/11/11 15:47
Accommodation dates: 13.7.2013 - 27.7.2013
3 apartment in the building: 2x 4persons + 1x 2 persons = 10 people
50 m to beach

Thanks for the offer

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